Who needs Interspire?

If you're sending a significant volume of email and want finer control over your deliverability, you might want to consider bringing your own managed mail servers online.

From a cost perspective, this doesn't typically make sense unless you:

  1. Have (or will have) a list of at least 50,000 that you actively mail
  2. Generate revenue when you email your list
  3. Email frequently and want finer control over your emails and deliverability

Why can't I mail from Infusionsoft?

You can send broadcasts and auto-responders from Infusionsoft, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, your deliverability is impacted by everyone else. This means that if another Infusionsoft customer sends spam, that can impact that deliverability of your mail.

Secondly, because of the long history of others emailing from Infusionsoft and the occasional black mark, Infusionsoft is currently on many "greylists" which increases your spam score and impacts your deliverability.

Thirdly, if you have a slightly higher than acceptable spam complain rate at any point in time, Infusionsoft can shut you down immediately - and at times for good - meaning that you not only can't you email broadcasts, but you won't be able to send email receipts, support emails, order confirmation, auto-responders or anything else to your customers from Infusionsoft. We've seen this happen to too many marketers who are then left mid-promo unable to send email broadcasts and "close out" a launch. Don't let this happen to you.

Lastly, if you'd like do cool stuff like run split-tests on your email campaigns, you'll need third-party integrations at best. With Interspire, you can quickly and easily send split-test email campaigns.

How do I get Interspire?

While you can get an Interspire license and setup and manage your own servers, we much prefer "done for you" solutions that include an Interspire license, IP addresses, hosting, administration, monitoring and support. We're happy to introduce you to the right folks to make this happen.

Who monitors my SendScore and sending reputation?

Again, you could hire someone to handle this for you, but we prefer "done for you" and can introduce you to companies that'll handle this monitoring, setup, white listing, IP warm up, ticket management, ISP feedback, and more for you.

How do I connect Infusionsoft to Interspire?

That's where FuseSpire comes in. FuseSpire allows you to add, remove, update and unsubscribe contacts directly from within Legacy Action Sets or Campaign Builder.

What about my custom fields in Infusionsoft, Interspire, or GetResponse?

If you have a custom field in both Infusionsoft AND Interspire, we update Interspire from Infusionsoft. This allows you to merge in standard Infusionsoft fields or custom fields and data, like a password field, an address, phone number, etc...

How much does FuseSpire cost?

FuseSpire is $59/mo per Infusionsoft/mailer installation pair. In other words, if you're like most folks, you have one Infusionsoft application and one mailer app, then it's just $59/mo. If you have multiple Infusionsoft applications and/or multiple mailer apps, contact us for bulk pricing.

What is needed to get setup for Interspire?

To get your account setup, we just need 4 pieces of information. We need your Infusionsoft application name, your Interspire admin URL, an Interspire username, and that username's usertoken. If you're not sure where to find these, we can help.

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